Saturday, May 19, 2012

Starting Point.

Are you prepared to be terrified?

I warn you, these photos are horrific and awful crimes -- against decorating. (Yes, I'm being overdramatic today.)

(Also, pardon the mess in these pictures. I took all these the week we moved in -- the week before Christmas. So it was... a disaster.)

Green faux finish. Burgundy polyester curtains. "Crown moulding". Yep, this living room has it all.

This is the other side of our spacious living room. (I'm not being sarcastic, this living room is 15 by 17 feet. Nice and big, comparatively speaking.)

The color is dark, but yes, that IS pepto pink paint and awful wallpaper border in the dining area. (Remember, week before Christmas...)

The kitchen. Off-center decorative tiles? Apple border? Awful gold-and-white-"ceramic-pulls? Yes.

What was originally our computer/craft space and turned into Monkey's room. (Not pictured is the cork tiles glued to the wall.)

The bathroom (you can't see the nice border in this room -- shucks -- but you CAN see the yellow faux finish!)

Sadly, I don't have pictures of our bedroom. Imagine purple faux finish walls (I think they really got a deal on someone wanting to work that technique out -- because it was badly done), white rose wallpaper border.. It was pretty horrifying.

So there. Now that we're all afraid, I will post the updated rooms one by one. Yep. It's a LOT better, I promise.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bringing the blog back


What happened to blogger?! This is surreal.

Okay, so after I figure out what happened here, I plan on bringing the blog back. We're working on getting our house on the market because we need more space. Because...

We're adding to the family!

Baby #2 is due in September and it's a boy. Again with the trucks and dirt and all that. My poor Kitty is stressed out already!

So, because we're working on getting the house market ready, we are redoing a lot of mistakes -- some from us, some from the previous owners. But we're getting close!

Now, I need to redo my header and figure out how to use the new Blogger. :)